Product NamePVF

Molecular Formula:

Packaging:50KG/80KG, Steel Drum

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Physical Properties:

1. Excellent corrosion resistance to chemicals and pesticides, such as oil, alcohol, aldehyde, ketone, ester, salt, alkali, thin acid.

2. Excellent weather-proof, heat resisting and freeze resisting properties with a constant working temperature of -70~100℃.

3. Excellent moisture-proof, mould-proof and salt mist proof properties

4. Excellent flexibility, folding resistance, abrasion resistance and impact resistance


ZFT-1 Grey Used in oil and ester packing

ZFT-2 Green Used in chemical and pesticide packing

ZFT-3 Black Used to protect surface of electronic instruments

ZFT-4 Blue Used for decoration

ZFT-5 Transparent Used for special occasions

ZFT-6 Gulf Red Used in agricultural machinery

ZFT-7 White Used in solar facilities

ZFT-8 Cream Used in food packing



PVF Coatng

Viscosity, 25℃: 0.15 Pa•S
Specific Gravity, Kg/L: 1.23-1.26
Fineness: ≤60μm
Solid Content: 22.6
Shielding Rate: 6-7m2/kg

PVF Membrane

Impact Strength, 50kg.cm: Passed test (both sides)
Adhesion (circle method): Grade A
Flexibility, Φ1mm: Passed test