Overview of Scientific Research

The company actively responds to the requirements of Sinochem Holdings to establish a world-class innovative fluorine chemistry business with original technologies, adheres to the principle of "science first", actively serves the national development strategy, benchmarks against world-class enterprises in the industry, and takes high-end technology as the guiding principle. The four key fields of fluorocarbon chemicals, fluorinated lithium battery materials, fluoropolymers, and fluorinated fine chemicals are advancing together to provide technical support for industrial upgrading.

  • 1


    National key laboratory.
  • 2


    National engineering technology centers.
  • 19


    National Science Conference Award/National Science and Technology Progress/Invention Award.
  • 90+


    National and industrial standards formulated with the company as a leader or participator.
  • 90%


    Of independently developed and industrialized products.
  • 194


    Projects winning awards at or above the provincial and ministerial levels.
  • 10+


    Undertaking more than 10 national "863" and science and technology support programs.
  • 1400+


    Accumulative patent applications.

Focusing on the R&D layout in four major fields of fluorocarbon chemicals, electrolyte materials, fluoropolymers and fluorinated special chemicals, the company has strengthened key core technology research, independently developed more than 40 ODS substitutes, and achieved fruitful results in the field of fluorine chemical industry, fluorinated materials, lithium battery electrolyte and other fields, with a total of nearly 100 industrialization achievements.
  • The research technology level of fluorine greenhouse gas resource utilization is world-leading.
  • The first set of atmospheric performance evaluation platforms for greenhouse gases in China has been successfully built.
  • High-performance PVDF binders for lithium batteries have been widely used by leading lithium battery enterprises.
  • Key core technical achievements such as research on a new process of green etching gas perfluoroolefin to fill domestic gaps have greatly promoted the improvement of enterprise competitiveness and local economic growth.
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