Sustainable Development

As a member company of Sinochem Holdings, a globally leading comprehensive chemical enterprise, Sinochem Lantian considers sustainable development as an essential component in driving enterprise growth and progress. The company closely follows the trends of green development, integrates the philosophy of sustainability into our development and production operations, accelerates scientific and technological innovation, optimizes management excellence, enhances digital intelligence, and is committed to becoming an industry model for resource conservation and environmental friendliness. We are committed to fostering harmony and synergy among enterprise, social, and environmental development, thereby generating comprehensive value for society, customers, shareholders, and employees.

  • People-oriented concept


    Adhere to the philosophy of being people-oriented, value the core driving role of talent in enterprise development, foster a "fair and harmonious" corporate atmosphere, and facilitate the mutual growth of employees and the company.
  • Win-win cooperation


    Create value for customers and achieve mutually beneficial development between the company and customers; Attach importance to strengthening extensive cooperation with governments, suppliers, etc., drive partners to advance together, promote industry progress, and contribute to regional economic development.
  • Environmental protection


    Always uphold environmental protection, develop green and environmentally friendly processes, vigorously promote the transformation of energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, continuously improve the efficiency of energy and resource utilization, and achieve cleaner production.
  • Focusing on people's livelihood


    Consistently prioritize attention to people's livelihood and mobilize industry efforts to drive social progress and improve people's lives.

Serve the National Economy and People's Livelihoods and Promote Industry Advancement

Sinochem Lantian has followed the philosophy of integrating enterprise development into the overall context of social development and addressing the needs of the people for a better life. The company actively serves the people's requirements and focuses on the main business areas that are closely connected to the social economy and people's livelihoods. The company provides products, technologies, and services that are closely related to social production and people's lives. By leveraging our own business advantages, the company ensures energy security and promotes the progress of the chemical industry, while also contributing to agricultural development. We will continue to make contributions to economic and social development, and the improvement of people's livelihoods.

Sustainable Supply Chains

Sinochem Lantian assumes the responsibility of promoting environmental protection and sustainable development, adopting "supporting suppliers in developing sustainable management systems" and "establishing partnerships with a focus on sustainable development" as our management principles. Together, we will explore innovative development strategies, achieve mutual success, share the benefits of the value chain, and establish a long-term, stable, mutually trusted, and mutually beneficial strategic partnership.

  • Adhere to the supply philosophy of safe, timely, green, and economical supply
  • Follow the scientifically rational procurement philosophy of optimal cost-performance ratio and lowest total life cycle cost
  • Uphold the management philosophy of institutionalization, process, standardization, digitalization, and openness
  • Uphold the "Five Unifications" of procurement management: establish a unified procurement management system and operational mechanism, implement a unified management system and business process, and utilize a unified digital procurement management platform
  • Fully leverage the advantages of large-scale procurement, promote centralized procurement of bulk, general, and important materials, and enhance the efficiency and benefits of material procurement
  • Prioritize the use of competitive and highly transparent procurement methods
  • Promote green procurement. The procurement process should adhere to national policies and regulations such as "dual carbon" and environmental protection, and encourage the implementation of green and sustainable procurement

Health, Safety, and Environment

Sinochem Lantian regards health, safety, and environment (HSE) as essential elements of fulfilling social responsibilities, consistently incorporating them throughout the entire process of implementing the company's sustainable development strategy. The company is guided by the leading HSE strategy and primarily adheres to the FORUS system.

  • Vision


    Uphold the vision of "Becoming a Global HSE Leader".
  • High-performance Goal


    Uphold the High-performance Goal of "Zero Loss".
  • Philosophy


    Follow the Concept of "HSE first".
  • Policy


    Implement the Policy of "Putting Life First, Prioritizing the Environmental Protection, Controlling Losses, and Making Continuous Improvement".
Sinochem Lantian prioritizes risk management and control, ensuring a thorough implementation of the FORUS system. The company strives to establish health, safety, and environmental sustainability as its core competitiveness, aiming to become a world-class leader in the fluorine chemicals industry. With these efforts, Sinochem Lantian is committed to fulfilling its vision of creating a harmonious and symbiotic world.
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