Product NameHalon-1301

Molecular Formula:CF3Br

Packaging:1000Kg/920L;Steel Cylinder

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Name: Halon-1301

Molecular Formula: CF3Br

Applications: used as fire extinguishing agent for oil, electrical equipment, organic solvent, natural gas and a variety of organics, especially for important military and civilian sites

Packaging: 1000KG/920L, steel cylinder

Product Description

Physical Properties

Appearance: colorless gas under normal temperature and pressure
Molecular Weight: 148.9
Boiling Point, ℃: -57.8
Density (25℃), Liquid, Kg•dm-3: 1.538
Vapor Pressure (25℃), MPa: 1.62
Saturated Vapor Density at Boiling Point, Kg•dm-3: 8.71
Critical Temperature, ℃: 67
Critical Pressure, MPa: 3.96
Critical Density, Kg•dm-3: 0.745
Latent Heat of Evaporation at Boiling Point, KJ•Kg-1: 118.2
1301 in Water, %(m/m): 0.03
Water in 1301, %(m/m): 0.01
Liquid, W•m-1•℃-1: 0.040
Vapor, W•m-1•℃-1: 0.0092