Introduction to Pucheng Base

The Pucheng Base of Sinochem Lantian Co., Ltd. is made up of three companies: Sinochem Modern Environmental Protection Chemicals (Xi’an) Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Sinochem Lantian New Chemical Material Co., Ltd., and Shaanxi Sinochem Lantian New Chemical Technology Material Co., Ltd.

The products and operations of Shaanxi Base encompass various areas including refrigerants, fluorinated lithium battery chemicals, fluorinated electronic chemicals, fluorinated fine chemicals, and automotive chemicals. It serves as a comprehensive fluorine chemical business unit integrating research and development, pilot testing, production, and sales. The primary product, R134a, is widely used by numerous domestic automobile manufacturers and holds the largest market share in China.

The Shaanxi Base boasts a professional R&D team that primarily focuses on research in the fields of fluorination catalyst development, fluorocarbon chemical synthesis, synthesis of fluorine-containing fine chemicals, and preparation of fluorine-containing electronic gases. With 53 invention patents, the base serves as an R&D platform for the Xi’an Research Center of the State Key Laboratory of Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas Substitution and Control Treatment, Shaanxi Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, a high-tech enterprise, an innovative enterprise in China’s fluorosilicon industry, and the Weinan Municipal Expert Workstation.

The Shaanxi Base will adhere to the "seed spirit" and rely on a strong foundation in research and development and industrialization capabilities. It actively responds to the national development strategies and strategically focuses on four major fields: the new generation of environmentally friendly working mediums (HFOs), lithium battery chemicals, new electronic chemicals, and fluorine-containing fine chemicals. It strives to establish itself as an innovative enterprise that is safe, environmentally friendly, green, low-carbon, and sustainable.

AddressPucheng High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Weinan City, Shaanxi Province

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