Introduction to Chenzhou Base

Sinochem Lantian Chenzhou Base is located in the Fluorine Chemical Circulation Industrial Development Zone of Yizhang County, Hunan. It oversees four legal entities: Hunan Sinochem Lantian New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Chenzhou Sinochem Fluoride New Material Co., Ltd., Yizhang Hongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., and Hunan Sinochem Lantian Resource Utilization Co., Ltd. Its main operations include the production and marketing of fluorite fine powder, aluminum fluoride, trifluoroethylene, hydrofluoric acid, various fluoride salts, and lithium-ion electrolytes. It is also involved in the mining, beneficiation, purchase, and sales of non-ferrous metals, precious metals, non-metals, rare earths, and other mineral products. Additionally, it focuses on tailings recovery, sale, and recycling. Leveraging the comprehensive industrial layout and development plan of Sinochem Lantian, Chenzhou Base utilizes its abundant resources, favorable location, market opportunities, and supportive policies. It extends its reach into three industrial chains: "Inorganic fluorine, organic fluorine, and new energy". The base strives to establish a green, eco-friendly, and resource-saving circular economy science and technology industrial park, known for its strong research and development capabilities, complete industrial chain, comprehensive by-products utilization, and sewage reuse. Ultimately, it aims to become a global leader in the fluorine chemical industry.



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