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Zhejiang Lantian Environmental Protection Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lantian Environmental Protection) specializes in research, production and sales of Halon substitutes, ODS substitutes, fluororesin and coatings and specialty chemicals. It is a production enterprise with the strongest R&D strength and widest range of ODS substitutes in China.

After years’ of development, Lantian Environmental Protection succeeded in developing 16 ODS substitutes with more than 30 research findings. By the end of 2011, it has applied 74 China invention patents, 4 PCT patents, 9 foreign patents and obtained 36 invention patents and 2 foreign patents. At present, Lantian Environmental Protection has 6 products listed as state key new products, receives 12 technological awards and participates in formulating 4 national/industrial standards.

Lantian Environmental Protection is designated as Zhejiang High-Tech Enterprise and Zhejiang Key Enterprise of Environmental Protection Industry and is listed as pilot enterprise for Sino-German cooperation project on clean production. In 2004, it was awarded Gold Award of Ozone Layer Protection Contribution Award of China and Substitute Production for Montreal Protocol by State Environmental Protection Administration; in 2007, it was awarded Contribution Award for the Phaseout of CFCs and Halon by United Nations Environment Program, State Environmental Protection Administration and the World Bank.

Lantian Environmental Protection is in possession of the largest HCFC-123 equipment and the first HFC-236fa equipment in the world as well as the only one HFC-125 equipment using TCE process in China.

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