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Zhejiang Int’l Medicine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Intmedic) is the successor of Zhejiang People’s Pharmaceutical Company, which, in a very long time, held the responsibility of managing second-tier and third-tier pharmaceutical stations in Zhejiang Province and several enterprises producing traditional Chinese patent medicines. In 1985, Zhejiang People’s Pharmaceutical Company transformed from a governmental unit to an enterprise responsible to its own profits and losses. In 1998, Zhejiang People’s Pharmaceutical Company amalgamated with three provincial-level pharmaceutical enterprises affiliated to the Pharmaceutical Administration Bureau of Zhejiang Province and later was renamed as Intmedic. In May 2001, Intmedic became was affiliated to Zhejiang Petrochemical & Building Material Group Co., Ltd. instead of Pharmaceutical Administration Bureau of Zhejiang Province. In December 2001, Intmedic became a member company of listed enterprise Int’l Group after asset restructuring. In 2008, Sinochem Group became the majority shareholder of Zhejiang Petrochemical & Building Material Group Co., Ltd., as a result Intmedic became a member company of the state-owned enterprise with a brand-new opportunity for development.

Currently, Intmedic mainly deals Chinese patent drugs, western medicines, biochemical and narcotic drugs, biological products, medicinal chemicals, medicine intermediates, vaccines, medical apparatus and instruments, household chemical reagents, glassware instruments and health-care food. It also possesses self-developed brand “Qianwang”, conducts import and export business and provides information consultation and third-party pharmaceutical logistics service. Intmedic is a famous regional pharmaceutical distributor with more than 1,000 upstream suppliers and 18,000 downstream terminal clients and its sales network covers pharmaceutical trading enterprises and medical institutions in Zhejiang Province and eastern China regions. At present, Intmedic is the key enterprise in Zhejiang Province for drug storage, modern logistics and pharmaceutical distribution and has received a number of awards for its excellent performance and service in the past years.

Looking into the future, Intmedic is committed to the cause of human health and strives to become TOP 10 pharmaceutical distribution enterprise in China before 2020.

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