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History 2000-2007



From 2000 to 2007: the predecessor of Sinochem Lantian evolved into a diversified industrial group and fluorine chemical business enjoyed rapid development


In June 2000, Petrochemical Department of Zhejiang Province (one of the predecessors of Sinochem Lantian in charge of ZRICI) transformed to an economic entity and was renamed as Zhejiang Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd.

In May 2001, Zhejiang Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. (another predecessor of Sinochem Lantian) became the holding company of Zhejiang Int'l Medicine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Int'l Medicine).

In March 2003, Zhejiang Lantian Environmental Protection Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. (a member company of Zhejiang Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Lantian Environmental Protection) Shangyu Branch started construction in Hangzhou Gulf Shangyu Fine Chemical Industry Zone.

In 2003, Zhejiang Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. merged into Zhejiang Petrochemical & Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. (the final predecessor of Sinochem Lantian, hereinafter referred to as ZPBMG). It was a diversified industrial group engaging in fluorine chemical, pesticide, pharmaceutical distribution and engineering design.

In November 2003, HCFC-123/CFC-113a equipment of Xiasha Plant was put into production, which marked the third equipment with the capacity over 10,000 t/a after HCFC-141b equipment and HFC-134a equipment.

In September 2007, 20,000 t/a AHF production line of Zhejiang Lansol Fluorchem Co., Ltd., a joint venture established by Lantian Environmental Protection and Solvay Fluor GmbH, went into operation.


Sinochem Group, one of Sinochem Lantian’s shareholders, began its fluorine chemical business in the early 21st century and experienced a rapid development of industrialization.

In January 2001, the predecessor of Sinochem Modern Environmental Protection Chemicals (Xi’an) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xi’an Environmental Protection) successfully won the bidding of US$25.41 million of UN Multilateral Fund (the largest voluntary industrial grants ever) to boost the construction of 10,000 t/a HFC-134a project.

In 2003, Sinochem Group became the holding company of Xi’an Environmental Protection. By then, it was in possession of the first large-scale fluorine chemical production base.

In 2007, Sinochem Group stated construction of 20,000 t/a HFC-134a equipment in Taicang, turning Sinochem Taicang Chemical Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as Sinochem Taicang) into an important part of Sinochem Group’s fluorine chemical platform. At present, the capacity of HFC-134a of Sinochem Group has reached 30,000 t/a, ranking the third in the world.