Technology Management



Zhejiang Research Institute of Chemical Industry (hereinafter referred to as ZRICI) is the successor of Zhejiang Chemical Laboratory which was founded in January, 1950, in Zhejiang University. It was established by Li Shouheng, the forerunner and founder of China's chemical education and chemical engineering.

ZRICI is an important R&D platform of Sinochem Lantian. It is the largest R&D institute in Zhejiang Province and the supporting unit of ODS Alternatives Engineering & Technology Center of China and National Southern Pesticide Research Center, Zhejiang Branch. In addition, ZRICI is also the supporting unit of Yangtze River Delta Silicone Research Centre, Zhejiang Fluorine Chemical Engineering Centre and Chemical Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Station of Zhejiang Province with two post-doctoral stations approved by the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security. More than 40 people from ZRICI received State Council special allowances; at present, ZRICI has a R&D talent pool of more than 200 people, among which 9 possess doctoral degrees, 47 possess master’s degrees, 11 are professor-level senior engineers, 110 are senior engineers and 26 other talents at Hangzhou municipal and Zhejiang provincial level.

Since 1950, ZRICI undertook more than 600 national and provincial level R&D tasks with 315 scientific and technological achievements, including 154 awards at provincial and ministry level, 16 awards of State Scientific Meeting Reward, State Award for Inventions and National Science and Technology Progress Award. Since reform and opening-up, ZRICI have secured 52 authorized patents, including 6 international invention patents, 37 China Invention Patents and 9 National Utility Model Patents. The pilot trial technology of HFC-152a and HCFC-142b has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award while other 5 programs, including the pilot trial technology of HFC-227ea and HFC-125 has won the first prize of provincial and ministry level science and technology progress award. Moreover, ZJ0273 and ZJ0702, two new and effective herbicides with proprietary property intellectual rights, has applied international patents in 17 designated countries, including EU, USA, Japan, Brazil, Korea and Canada, and obtained 2 PCT patents.

ZRICI is designated as National Torch Plan Key High-Tech Enterprise, Zhejiang High-Tech Enterprise and the first batch of Zhejiang Innovative Pilot Enterprise.

ZRICI mainly specialize in CFCs substitute, Halon substitutes, fluorinated fine chemicals, fluorinated new pesticides, fine chemicals, specialty chemicals and powder engineering, and can undertake technical service such as analysis and test of chemical products, bioassay, safety evaluation, and chemical engineering design. Currently, laboratories of ZRICI cover an area of 11,000 m2 with ODS substitutes, fluoropolymers, fluorinated fine chemical, application evaluation and “three wastes” (waste water, waste gas and industrial residue) disposal laboratories for fluorine chemical research, innovative synthesis, imitation synthesis, synthesis amplification, structural identification, analysis and monitoring, biological activity determination and safety evaluation laboratories for new pesticide research, and silicone laboratories for fine chemical research. ZRICI is equipped with more than 1,000 internationally advanced R&D facilities, including NMR, GC-MS, elementary analysis, Infrared Spectroscopy and gas and liquid phase chromatographic apparatus, etc. while data analysis, engineering design and quality inspection have realized artificial intelligence.

In recent years, ZRICI sets the objective of “enhancing innovative capability, leading industrial development, and becoming the top-ranking R&D institute”, and focuses on fluorine chemicals, pesticides and fine chemicals to accelerate innovation and R&D on CFCs substitutes, Halon substitutes, fluorinated new pesticides, fluororesin, organosilicon materials, inorganic fire-retardant materials, fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, powder engineering equipment and environmentally-friendly chemical equipment, which has not only generated many research findings, but also provided sufficient guarantee to boost Sinochem Lantian’s R&D strength.