Career Development



Sinochem Lantian focuses on standardized management of posts, establishes and optimizes a post system featuring long-term, sound and sustainable development. It has set up four professional categories of functional management, R&D, trade & marketing and production, which provides a clear and diversified career path as well as sufficient conditions for the employees and their promotion. It also carries forward competition for the post inside the company, optimizes talent selection and appointment mechanism and improves career path for the employees so as to help their growth as well as to promote the flow of talent inside the company.

Figure 1

Four professional categories of Sinochem Lantian

Sinochem Lantian attaches great importance to talent cultivation and has established a cultivation system consisting three training centers for managerial talent, technical talent and skilled talent and an e-learning school. The training centers and e-learning school serve as a platform to enhance employees’ abilities and skills. Meanwhile, Sinochem Lantian also adopts diversified cultivation modes for young talents.


Cultivation system of Sinochem Lantian