Analytical Test

The institute carries out all kinds of chemical detection, and the range of detection covers more than a thousand chemical products/parameters in 15 categories, making it one of the comprehensive third party detection organizations with the most test items and the strongest chemical detection capacity in China. It is entrusted by Zhejiang Province Chemical Product Detection Station.

It carries out research on standards and has formulated and applied for more than 60 national standards and industry standards, and has undertaken more than 20 projects on scientific research and standard systems.

The institute started the building of GLP laboratory for chemicals, registration and inspection according to REACH regulations, and authentication on unified classification and labeling system classification for global hazardous chemicals.

The institute is among the first batch of chemicals’ physical hazard identification institutions as approved by the State Administration of Production Safety Supervision and Management, which is also the only unit obtaining the qualification in Zhejiang province.