ODS Alternatives Engineering & Technology Center of China

The ODS Alternatives Engineering & Technology Center of China was established in 1999 with approval by the Ministry of Science and Technology. As main organization of the center, Zhejiang Research Institute of Chemical Industry has completed many scientific and technological research projects at the national, ministerial and provincial levels in recent years. The institute has developed more than 40 alternatives successively and developed raw material routes and process technologies with Chinese characteristics. It has also developed 10 ODS alternatives industrialization technologies with an output level of kiloton, making China’s ODS alternatives engineering technology reach the international level, breaking the monopoly of developed countries on the ODS Alternatives production technology.

The ODS Alternatives Research Institute, as an organization under the Zhejiang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, has established gas phase fluorination laboratory, liquid-phase fluorination laboratory, catalyst development laboratory, catalysts characterization laboratory and new product synthesis laboratory. It has also equipped single-tube amplification device in the production base, assuring the smooth implementation of the scientific research projects.