National Southern Pesticide Research Center ( Zhejiang Branch)

National Southern Pesticide Research Center ( Zhejiang Branch) (hereinafter referred to as NSPRC Zhejiang Branch) was established in April 1996 upon approval by the State Science and Technology Commission, which was one of the fifteen key technology projects implemented during the “9th Five-Year Plan” of the nation. NSPRC Zhejiang Branch carries out research and pilot plant test on new pesticide synthesis, bioassay and efficacy evaluation, pesticide safety evaluation, preparation processing, analytical test and pesticide engineering. It has chemical synthesis room, bioassay (fungus, insect and grass) test room and controllable greenhouse, toxicology laboratory animal house, analytical laboratory and advanced instruments and equipment; it has formed a system of research and development and innovation with complete range, strong technological base and advanced scientific research methods in China’s pesticide field.

Since the running of the NSPRC Zhejiang Branch, it has screened about 10000 compounds, applied for more than 50 Chinese invention patents (28 authorized) and 3 international PCT patents; the rape field herbicides pyribambenz-propyl and isopropyl bispyribac-sodium and the bactericide phenylate kresoxim-methyl have been formally registered as pesticide, realizing the industrialization development of new pesticides with proprietary intellectual property rights.