Sinochem Lantian Held a Press Conference for Jincool ® lubricating Oil in Hangzhou


On March 18, Sinochem Lantian held a new product release conference in Hangzhou, announcing that the company's "Jincool" brand lubricants will officially come to the market.

The newly released series of "Jincool" lubricant products contained 14 SKU of 5 auto engine oil products, namely Pro U9, Pro T, Pro U6, Pro U5 and Pro U3. Among them, Pro T is the first domestic lubricant product specially developed for direct injection and turbocharged engine in the cylinder.

The "Jincool" lubricating oil uses synthetic base oil, with the high-end compound additive from the world's top lubricant additive company. Besides, it has established cooperative relations with many famous research institutions both at home and abroad. Lantian Technology was jointly developed for cleaner cores, longer distance and less exhaustive, with aims to profoundly improve fuel economy of lubricating oil, keep engine clean, and minimize pollution emission.

"Jincool" lubricating oil is the specific carrier of the company's "Lantian 360 Strategy" and an important part of the business layout of "refrigeration + lubrication + maintenance" realized by Sinochem Lantian with science and technology, health and environmental protection. It caters for customers with a combination of product, brand and technology, and gets rid of all the concerns for customers' consumption.

At the press conference, Ma Kehui, Chairman, Party Secretary and General Manager of Sinochem Lantian, said that the dream of Lantian, the dream of a blue sky was more and more expressing people’s hope for a better life. As a central state-owned enterprise, Sinochem has always been committed to building the national brand bigger and stronger, to striving for the wellfare of the whole nation, and making its due part for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! Lantian would develop  “Jincool®” brand with a high-end profile and help to realize China's dream, which is the unswerving pursuit for Lantianers!

Ma Kehui, Chairman, Party Secretary and General Manager of Sinochem Lantian, Yu Xiaogang, Deputy General manager of Lantian, Shi Jianhua, Vice Secretary of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Yang Junjie, Vice General Engineer of lubricating oil, Petro China, and initiator of Engine Lubricant China Standard Alliance, and other distinguished guests from Lubrizol, Afton, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Evonik, Shenyang Institute and so on attended the conference. Other well-known experts, regional partners of Lantian and many media also came to witness the birth of “Jincool” lubricating oil.