Product NameAHF

Molecular Formula:HF-H2O


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Name: AHF

Molecular Formula: HF-H2O

Applications: used as analytical reagent and for high-purity fluoride production, glass etching and electroplating surface treatment

Packaging:1. Put AHF into an iron barrel or a special plastic vessel, and then put the barrel or vessel into a wooden case with non-combustible materials stuffed between gaps;

2. Put the wooden case into plastic, rubber or iron container or special Bakelite, and then put the container of special Bakelite into another solid wooden case with non-combustible materials lined inside.

3. The net weight of per case should be less than 20kg; each case should contain at most 4 containers with the weight between 3~5kg.

Product Description

Physical Properties

Appearance: colorless solution
Relative Density: 1.15-1.18
Boiling Point: 112.2℃
Solubility: miscible with water

Environment Data

Weak Acidity
Strong corrosion to teeth, bones and silicon compounds