Product NameZF468

Molecular Formula:


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ZF468 is a solvent and anti-adhesive single layer coating and is made from PTFE and modified silicone resin. It is anti-adhesive, abrasion-resisting, and can resist corrosion from boiling water, detergent, grease and other cooking materials. Its highest working temperature is 200-230℃.

ZF468 is mainly used in inner and outer parts of rice cooker, comal, frying pan and other cooking utensils; it can also be used on the surface of metal objects for small friction and dry lubrication.

ZF468 is tested and examined by SGC-CSTC, and all technical indicators comply with FDA21CFR175.300 and ROHS2002/95/EC. As a result, it can be in direct contact with food.



Name Rating Measuring Unit
Color Multicolor --------------
Viscosity (4 coats/25℃) 25.0 sec
Solid Content
(280℃/5min) 40.0 Weight Percentage
Theoretical Spreading Area 12.5 (20 micrometer) m2/kg
Sintering Condition 280℃/5min --------------