Product NameZF500

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ZF500 is a solvent and anti-adhesive single layer coating and is made from PTFE and polyether sulfone (PES). It is anti-adhesive, abrasion-resisting, and can resist corrosion from boiling water, detergent, grease and other cooking materials. Its highest working temperature is 220-250℃.

ZF500 is mainly used in inner parts of rice cooker, comal, frying pan and other cooking utensils; it can also be used on the surface of metal objects for small friction and dry lubrication.

ZF500 is tested and examined by SGC-CSTC, and all technical indicators comply with FDA21CFR175.300 and ROHS2002/95/EC. As a result, it can be in direct contact with food.


1. Adhesion: 100%

2. Pencil Hardness: ≥ 2H

3. Salt Water Corrosion: no blistering and erosion pitting (test according to 6.10 of QB/T2421-98)

4. Non-adhesion: passed protein test (test according to 6.6 of QB/T2421-98)


1. Coatings should be fully mixed before using

2. Coatings can be diluted by n-methyl pyrrolidone or n,n-dimethylacetamide

3. Due to existence of PTFE in coatings, safety criteria should be followed when processing fluorinated plastics. Pay attention to on-site ventilation and employees' exposure suit owing to extremely toxic decomposition products when coatings are sintered under high temperature

4. Indoor storage period is 12 months for coatings in original packing. For long-term storage, shake the steel drum every 15 days to avoid clotting of coatings



Name Rating Measuring Unit
Color Multicolor -------------
Viscosity (4 coats/25℃) 40.0 sec
Solid Content
(380℃/5min) 25.0 Weight Percentage
Theoretical Spreading Area 14.0 (10 micrometer) m2/kg
Sintering Condition 380℃/5min -------------