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PVDF fluorocarbon coatings are based on PVDF resin and are applicable in aluminum work pieces and aluminum curtain walls, such as planking, extrusion profiles, shutters, window frames, beach umbrellas, windows and doors.

These coatings contain at least 70% PVDF resin in finish coat. There are two major ways (2C-lB and 3C-lB) and one minor way (roller coating) to process coatings. Proper pretreatment of substrates and special primers is essential to ensure excellent performance of the coatings. Performance test of coatings is conducted in accordance with AAMA605.2.

Produt Description

Physical Properties

AAMA Criteria Performance of Our Coatings
Color Uniformity Visual control Instrument or visual control
Thickness of Dry Films 30μm, min (2 coat) Primer 5-10μm
40μm, min (3 coat) Finish coat 25-35μm
/ Varnish 10-15μm
60°Gloss Low, medium and high 15-45
Pencil Hardness Minimum grade F 2H
Adhesion (dry, wet, boiling water) No removal No removal
Impact Resistance No removal Passes GB 50kg.cm
Hydrochloric Acid Resistance, 20%, 15min No corrosion No corrosion
MEK Scrubbing Resistance, times ≥100 ≥100
H2SO4 Resistance, 20%, 15min No corrosion No corrosion
NaOH resistance, 20%, 30min No corrosion No corrosion
Mortar Resistance, 38℃, 24hrs No corrosion No corrosion
Detergent Resistance, 3%, 72hrs No corrosion No corrosion
Moisture and Heat Resistance, 38℃, 100% RH, 3000hrs Few #8 blister, max Meets or exceeds specifications
Salt Mist Resistance, 38℃, 5% salt water, 3000hrs Scratchable test plate≥level 7 Meets or exceeds specifications
Non-scratchable test plate≥level 8 Meets or exceeds specifications
Weather-proof Properties Insolation in South Florida at latitude 45°N Artificial weathering, 4000hrs
Color change (△E)≤5NBS, 5 years Color change (△E)≤5NBS


1. Excellent durability
2. Excellent weather-proof properties (powdering resistance, uviro-resistance)
3. High color retention and gloss retention
4. Good resistance to chemicals and pesticides and heat resistance
5. Excellent stain resistance