Product NameJINCOOL®R410A

Molecular Formula:Near-azeotropic mixture of HFC-32 and HFC-125

Packaging:13.6L/926L;Steel Cylinder/ISOTANK

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Name: R410A (Near-azeotropic mixture of HFC-32 and HFC-125)

Applications: substitute for HCFC-22, used in air-conditioners and refrigeration systems

Packaging: 13.6L/926L, Steel Cylinder/ISOTANK

Product Description

Physical Properties

Appearance: colorless, transparent and volatile liquid and vapor with slightly sweet taste; gas under normal temperature
PH:neutral (25℃)
Boiling Point (℃): -48.5
Relative Density (water=1): 1.08 (21.1℃)
Relative Vapor Density (air=1): 3.0
Saturated Vapor Pressure (kPa): 1652 (25℃)
Critical Temperature (℃): 70.17
Critical Pressure (Mpa): 4.770
Self-ignition Temperature (℃): >750


Near-azeotropic mixture (50% HFC-32 and 50% HFC-125) ≥ 99.8%


Storage: it should be stored in cool, dry and well ventilated rooms; the tank temperature should below 50℃; keep it away from fire, heat, moisture, sunshine and inflammables; use soapsuds to check tank leaks
Incompatibility: alkali metal, alkaline earth, metal powder (aluminum, zinc, beryllium), strong oxidant, inflammables and combustibles