Product NameJINCOOL HFC-134a

Molecular Formula:CH2FCF3


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JINCOOL HFC-134a is non-toxic, colorless, odorless, Non-flammable and non-explosive with 0 ODP. It is the best environmentally-friendly substitute of CFC-12 at present.


JINCOOL HFC-134a can be used as refrigerant in automotive air-conditioner, refrigerator, central air-conditioner and commercial refrigeration, and aerosol propellant, fire retardant and foaming agent in pharmaceutical, pesticide, cosmetics and cleaning. JINCOOL HFC-134a has won trust and reputation throughout the world due to its excellent performance and quality.


Name: HFC-134a

Molecular Formula: CH2FCF3

Applications: used as substitute for CFC-12

Packaging: 800L/926L

Product Description

Physical Properties

Appearance: colorless liquefied gas, special smell Molecular Weight: 102.03
Critical Temperature, ℃: 101.1
Melting Point, ℃: -101.1
Critical Pressure, MPa: 4.067
Boiling Point, ℃: -26.1
Critical Density, g/cm3: 0.512
Relative Density (water=1): 1.21
PH: neutral
Relative Vapor Density (air=1): 3.5
Self-ignition Temperature, ℃: 750
Saturated Vapor Pressure (25℃), Kpa: 665
Solubility in Water (25℃), W%: 0.15
Specific Heat (Liqud 25℃), KJ/Kg•℃: 1.51
Latent Heat of Evaporation at Boiling Point, KJ/Kg: 215

Environment Data

ODP: 0
GWP: 1430
Atmospheric Lifetime (years): 14


Grade Premium Grade Qualified Grade
Purity, %≥ 99.9 99.5
Moisture, %≤ 0.001 0.005
Impurity Limitation, % Passed chloride expt. Passed chloride expt.
Acidity, %≤ 0.0001 0.0001
Evaporated Residue, %≤ 0.01 0.01
Non-condensable Gas, %≤ 1.5 1.5