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Sinochem Lantian holds 2013 working meeting

时间:2013-02-01     来源:SINOCHEM LANTIAN


From January 28-29, Sinochem Lantian held 2013 working meeting in Hangzhou. This meeting concluded operation and management work of 2012, analyzed existing problems and underlying reasons, and deployed major work of 2013.


The meeting delivered three working reports, including performance report, strategic development report and HSE report, and invited Mr. Li Congrui, general manager of Franshion Properties, to make a training on project management. Meanwhile, representatives present at the meeting were divided into five groups to hold discussions according the meeting agenda. On the morning of January 29, the meeting launched five business forums on the basis of group discussions the previous day.


In the meeting, Mr. Wang Yinping, chairman and general manager of Sinochem Lantian, pointed out that Sinochem Lantian should continue its efforts to forge itself into a technology-driven enterprise and endeavor to realize the great objective of becoming the respectable fluorine product supplier in China.