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Sinochem Group Chairman Frank Ning investigates Sinochem Lantian

时间:2016-04-29     来源:SINOCHEM LANTIAN

On April 26 and 27, Frank Ning, party secretary and chairman of Sinochem Group, investigated Sinochem Lantian, met production workers and visited Mr. Xia Baolong, party secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, accompanied by vice president Zhang Wei, Du Guosheng and Feng Zhibin.

During the investigation, Mr. Ning visited Sinochem Lantian Headquarters, ZRICI key laboratories, Int’l Medicine logistics park and Int’l Medicine TCM park to better understand Sinochem Lantian’s business performance and product advantage. At the product exhibition hall, Mr. Ning asked the industrial chain from fluorspar to end products and application promotion. At trophy room, Mr. Ning felt Sinochem Lantian’s glory history for cultivating in the fluorine chemical industry for more than sixty years.

After listening to the work report, Mr. Ning praised Sinochem Lantian’s team spirit, enterprise vision and development motivation. He also pointed out Sinochem could seek acquisition opportunities based on powerful strength, further enhance innovation ability and explore marketized incentive mechanism. Mr. Ning hoped Sinochem Lantian could become a technology and market driven company through concept innovation, technology innovation, system innovation, management innovation and institutional innovation.