Sinochem Lantian is a member company of Sinochem Group (ranking 98th in 2018 Fortune Global 500) and is the earliest company engaged in R&D and production of ODS substitutes in China. We have independently developed more than 40 varieties of ODS substitutes and manufactured more than 50 kinds of products, which can reduce the use of tens of thousands of tons of ODS materials each year.

Sinochem Lantian has a complete industrial chain of raw materials, R&D, production and sales.

Raw materials. We have reserved more than 30 million tons fluorspar, which is NO.1 in China and NO.2 in the world.

In terms of research and development, Sinochem Lantian has a foundation of fluorine chemical research and development for more than 60 years, which is China’s first unit being entrusted by the National ODS Alternatives Engineering Technology Research Center. It has been approved by the state to build a national key laboratory for alternation, control and treatment of CFC gas. The company has 35 dedicated research laboratories and more than 1100 scientific talents in all relevant fields, making nearly a hundred of industrialization achievements on an accumulated basis, and winning more than 190 awards at or above the provincial and ministerial levels. The company has totally undertaken 11 projects in the National 863 Program and the science and technology support program, sponsored the making of 27 national and industrial standards, and with 220 authorized patents, which is number one in the industry in Sinochem Lantian.

Production and Sales. Our products cover fluorocarbons, fluoro specialty chemicals, fluoropolymers and inorganic fluoride with a total annual capacity of more than 600,000 tons. More than 10 products enjoy the largest market share in domestic or overseas market. Jincool® automotive refrigerant has 80% domestic automobile OEM market share. ChemFluor® TFA has the largest capacity globally.

Today the climate warming issue is getting more and more severe. Our independently developed new generation ODS substitutes can effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions (compared to traditional products, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by more than 99%), providing effective solutions for the country and company to tackle climate change.

In the future, Sinochem Lantian will rely on profound R&D accumulation and enter lithium battery industry. We are dedicated to become the leading provider of lithium materials and solutions in China and support the national strategy of new energy vehicles.