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Zhejiang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ZRICI), founded in January 1950, is an important R&D platform of Sinochem Lantian as well as the supporting unit of ODS Alternatives Engineering & Technology Center of China, National Southern Pesticide Research Center (Zhejiang Branch), Yangtze River Delta Silicone Research Centre, Zhejiang Fluorine Chemical Engineering Centre and Chemical Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Station of Zhejiang Province. It has set up a post-doctoral research centre approved by the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security and a joint school-institute program for Master of Agriculture with Zhejiang University of Technology. ZRICI employs 236 professional and technical personnel, among which more than 40 people receive Special Government Allowances from the State Council.

Since 1950, ZRICI has undertaken more than 600 national and provincial research programs, obtained 318 technological achievements and received 189 provincial and ministerial level awards. Since the reform and opening-up in 1978, ZRICI has applied 96 authorized patents (10 international invention patents, 67 China invention patents and 19 China utility model patents), 35 world patents and 10 PCT patents.

After 60 year’s development, ZRICI has cultivated a group of high-quality professional and technical personnel with domestically advanced research equipment and supporting facilities, building itself into the largest research institute in Zhejiang Province. As the important research platform of Sinochem Lantian, ZRICI carries out technological innovation in the fields of fluorine chemical, new pesticides, advanced materials and technical service, which will become an important guarantee to enhance Sinochem Lantian’s R&D strength and maintain its sustainable and rapid development.

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