Yizhang Hongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.



Yizhang Hongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongyuan Chemical), located in Baishidu Fluorine Chemical Recycling Industrial Park in Yizhang, was founded in January 2007, with a registered capital of RMB 210 million.

Hongyuan Chemical relies on the fluorspar advantages of Xinyuan Mining to conduct construction of fluorine chemical projects. The first stage of the projects occupies an area of more than 600 mu (40 hectares) and will build a 80,000 t/a aluminum fluoride production line, a 210,000 t/a fluorspar drying line, a 13,000 t/a fluoride salt production line, an enterprise-owned railway, a 200,000 t/a sulphuric aicd production line and cogeneration facilities, with product range covering aluminum fluoride, cryolite, potassium fluoborate, potassium fluotitanate, fluorspar powder, etc.

Its 80,000 t/a aluminum fluoride equipment combines and optimizes domestic and international advantages in production process and is built according to the highest environmental protection and safety standards. Aluminum fluoride produced in this equipment contains lower impurities and higher fluorine, which will not only increase product quality, reach national AF-0 standards for aluminum fluoride but also meet the demands of high quality aluminum fluoride for electrolytic aluminum industry both at home and abroad.

In addition, Hongyuan Chemical will intensify its investment to expand industrial chain and increase varieties of value added products so as to build itself into a fluorine chemical production base with fluorspar resource, complete industrial chain and core competitiveness.

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