Guizhou Lantian Chemical Co., Ltd.



Guizhou Lantian Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guizhou Lantian) is a joint venture established by Zhejiang Lantian Environmental Protection Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. and Zunyi Chlor-Alkali Co., Ltd. and engages in production and sales of TCE, PCE and other relevant products.

Guizhou Lantian, located inside Zunyi Chlor-Alkali Co., Ltd., was founded in June 2005 with a registered capital of RMB 20 million and fixed assets of RMB 29 million. The completion and operation of 15,000 t/a TCE equipment fill the market gap in southwest China, which improves China’s TCE market layout. Besides TCE, Guizhou Lantian is also in possession of 400 t/a PCE equipment. TCE and PCE are feedstock for producing refrigerants like CFC-133a and HFC-134a and can also be directly used as cleaning agent.

Guizhou Lantian will abide by quality-oriented and market oriented business concept to serve its clients with high quality products and premium service and make contributions to China’s chemical industry.

Add: No.320, Nanzhou Road, Honghuagang District, Zunyi 563004, Guizhou, China

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