Hunan Xinyuan Mining Co., Ltd.



Hunan Xinyuan Mining Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinyuan Mining) is located in Litian village and enjoys convenient transportation. Its registered capital is RMB 120 million.

Xinyuan Mining is in possession of two independent mineral deposits. The shallow one is beryllium-contained fluorspar deposit, which is the largest and complete fluorspar mine in Asia, with 9.97 million metric tons of fluorspar and 102,000 metric tons of beryllium oxide. The deep one is polymetallic deposit, with 49,000 metric tons of tin, 28,000 metric tons of copper and 2.9 million metric tons of fluorspar.

The major product of Xinyuan Mining is fluorspar powder which occupies a large market share in China. At present, it has one opencast mining factory and three production lines with a capacity of 210,000 t/a fluorspar; it also completes construction of public utilities such as tailings pond, waste dump and transformers.

Add: Litian village 424206, Yizhang, Chenzhou, Hunan, China

Tel (Fax): +86-735-3626989