Jiangxi Xingguo Zhongying Mining Co., Ltd.



Jiangxi Xingguo Zhongying Mining Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongying Mining), founded in October 1995, is the successor of Xingguo Fluorspar Company of Zhejiang Dongfeng Fluorspar Group, which is the earliest enterprise introduced by Xingguo Government to develop local economy. In September 2007, Sinochem Group controlled Zhongying Mining through capital increase.

Major products of Zhongying Mining include fluorspar powder and metallurgic-grade fluorspar lump ore. Since 2008, it cooperated with local authorities to conduct orderly exploitation and rational use of fluorspar according to production quotas.

Since 2007, Zhongying Mining has been awarded a number of prizes by Ganzhou Municipal Government, Jiangxi Provincial Government and the Ministry of Land and Resources.

Add: Longping village, Xingguo 342417, Jiangxi, China

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