Zhejiang Lantian Environmental Protection Fluoro Materials Co., Ltd.



Zhejiang Lantian Environmental Protection Fluoro Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fluoro Materials), founded on March 7, 2003, occupies an area of 200 mu (13.3 heactares) with an investment amount of RMB 400 million. At present, it has 413 employees, among which more than 50% technicians engage in management, R&D and production.

After years of development, Fluoro Materials has cultivated production abilities in ODS substitutes, fluoropolymers and specialty chemicals. It continues to conduct technological innovation, develop new products, expand production scale and cultivate core competitiveness with a view of building itself into a competitive enterprise in the fluorine chemical industry, especially in the fields of fluoropolymers and specialty chemicals.

Currently, it is in possession of 500 t/a PVF/PVDF resins and coatings equipment, 4,000 t/a HFC-143a equipment, 3000 t/a HFC-245fa equipment and 3000 t/a HFC-32 equipment, which has made significant contributions to China’s fluorine chemical industry.

Fluoro Materials has passed three-in-one system certification of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 as well as provincial safety standard assessment. Meanwhile, it also conducts internal exchanges to intensify quality management.

Add: No.1, Jingjiu Road, Hangzhou Gulf Shangyu Fine Chemical Industry Zone, Shangyu 312369, Zhejiang, China

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