Int'l E-Commerce Department



In order to innovate business model and enhance core competitiveness, Intmedic established e-commerce department in January 2010 to organize and conduct management operation, customer service, functional development and technical support of Int’l Drugoogle ( overall medical e-commerce platform of Intmedic. E-commerce department aims at providing all-round service to downstream clients, upstream suppliers, sales representatives, local authorities, etc.

Since the launch of Int’l Drugoogle on May 1, 2010, the trading volume on the website has been in a leading position in the industry. Through system upgrading, it has realized a multi-organizational model and exploited Int’l Group’s product and scale advantages to the full. Int’l Drugoogle has passed approval from Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration and become the first B2B website that a subsidiary company shares the same e-commerce platform with its parent company.

The core objective of e-commerce department is to achieve online transaction of medicine, Chinese herbal medicine and medical equipment with upstream and downstream clients, promote strategy of “distribution, logistics and e-commerce integration” and strive to build a new operation type of business flow, logistics flow, capital flow and information flow integration so as to provide all-round service to its clients.

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