Zhejiang Huzhou Int'l Medicine Co., Ltd.



Zhejiang Huzhou Int'l Medicine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huzhou Int’l), formerly known as Huzhou Fangxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,completed stock equity cooperation with Zhejiang Int’l Medicine Co., Ltd. in 2011 and became its subsidiary, ushering in new opportunities for development. Huzhou Int’l acts as a core business platform for the development of the Intmedic in Huzhou and strives to become the leading pharmaceutical distribution enterprise in Huzhou.

The business scope of Huzhou Int’l includes wholesale of Chinese patent medicine, chemical medicine preparations, chemical raw materials, antibiotic agents, antibiotic bulk drugs, biochemical medicine and biological products, wholesale and retail of medical equipment, chemical reagents (excluding dangerous chemicals and precursor chemicals) and glassware as well as development, transfer and consulting of pharmaceutical technologies.

Add: No.999, North Longxi Road, Huzhou 313000, Zhejiang, China

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