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Drug distribution centre takes Zhejiang Int'l Medicine Co., Ltd. as the platform and focuses on the core business of drug distribution. It shoulders responsibility to make overall procurement plans; organize strategic procurement for parent and subsidiary companies; conduct sales to above-county-level medical institutions in Zhejiang Province (excluding Ningbo and Wenzhou) and to unmerged second and third terminals in Hangzhou; conduct commercial distribution business within and outside Zhejiang Province; maintain relations with core suppliers and VIP clients; implement drugs bidding and OEM product construction; and guide companies outside Zhejiang Province in drug distribution business.

Member Companies

·Zhejiang Int'l Medicine Co., Ltd.

·Zhejiang Huzhou Int'l Medicine Co., Ltd.

TCM industrial centre aims to develop modern TCM industry and build a modern TCM enterprise integrated with R&D, production, trade and service. It is responsible for the production and processing of Chinese herbal medicine; marketing and sales of TCM materials and tonics; maintenance and construction of newly registered and existing brands; management of business with TCM characteristics; and business guidance to the companies dealing TCM.


Int'l Group has established an Int'l TCM Industrial Park on Dongxin Road. The park is a combination of TCM processing, modern logistics, TCM research, medical clinics, product exhibition, conference reception, academic exchanges and health care and endeavors to open a new world for TCM industry by relying on Intmedic's TCM background and innovating technologies.

Member Companies

·Zhejiang Int'l Medicine Materials Co., Ltd.

·Zhejiang Int'l Chinese Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd.

·Zhejiang Qianwang Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd.

The biological equipment center takes Intmedic's biological products and medical devices as its platform. Biological products target the integration of industry and trade with three development directions of treatment, prevention and diagnosis in order to become a renowned enterprise in Zhejiang Province and China; medical devices target at becoming a professional medical device distributor in Zhejiang Province and east China regions. In September 2011, Int’l Group invested to become the majority shareholder of Zhejiang Int'l Vaccine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Zhejiang Hong He Rui Tang Co., Ltd.) and intended to build it into one of Intmedic's vaccine distribution platform so as to expand its vaccine business and explore new growth point.

The biological equipment center currently consists of Zhejiang Int'l Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Medical Apparatus and Instrument Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Int'l Vaccine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Member Companies

·Zhejiang Int'l Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

·Zhejiang Medical Apparatus and Instrument Co., Ltd.

·Zhejiang Int'l Vaccine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Strategic support centre takes pharmaceutical logistics, e-commerce, terminal retail and health management as its development platform and is composed of Zhejiang Int’l Logistics Co., Ltd., Int'l E-Commerce Department and Int'l Terminal Retail and Health Management Department.

Zhejiang Int'l Logistics Co., Ltd. is dedicated to becoming a professional third party pharmaceutical logistics company and building a complete logistics distribution system so as to develop into a professional pharmaceutical logistics enterprise with supply chain integration from a service company.

Int'l E-Commerce Department focuses its attention on professional pharmaceutical e-commerce and intends to become a professional pharmaceutical e-commerce service integrator which is the largest in Zhejiang Province, first-class in east China regions and famous nationwide.

Int'l Terminal Retail and Health Management Department aims at promoting distribution, building brands, innovating business mode and enhance company value.

Member Companies

·Zhejiang Int'l Logistics Co., Ltd.

·Int'l E-Commerce Department

·Zhejiang Int'l Yinian Pharmacy

Marketing center is to integrate and cooperate Intmedic's extensive expansion; its long-term propose is to build a regional marketing network, form an integrated management pattern, enhance Intmedic's overall value and develop the pharmaceutical industry.

The centre now includes Ningbo Int'l Medicine Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Int'l Medicine Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Int'l Health Medicine Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Int'l Medicine Co., Ltd. and Yongkang Int'l Medicine Co., Ltd., etc.

Member Companies

·Wenzhou Int'l Medicine Co., Ltd.

·Ningbo Int'l Medicine Co., Ltd.

·Zhejiang Int'l Health Medicine Co., Ltd.

·Jiaxing Int'l Medicine Co., Ltd.

·Yongkang Int'l Medicine Co., Ltd.

·Jinhua Int'l Medicine Co., Ltd.