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History 1990s



1990s: ZRICI began transition from R&D to industrialization


In 1990, Zhejiang Chemical Industry Research Laboratory was renamed as Zhejiang Research Institute of Chemical Industry.

In 1991, the second technological transformation of Halon-1301 workshop was successful, which marked ZRICI had acquired advantageous technologies in fluorine chemical industry.

In 1992, Halon-1301 and Halon-1211 were exported to Singapore, which realized the breakthrough of no exports of extinguishing agents.

In 1994, PVF membrane program used in Z9 helicopter passed technical evaluation of the Ministry of Chemical Industry and was awarded by the Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Industry.

In 1996, Hangzhou Fist Chemical Co., Ltd. was established. It was the first company controlled by ZRICI and symbolized an important step for industrialization.

In 1998, the ground breaking ceremony of Xiasha Plant of ZRICI was held in Hangzhou Economic Development Area.

In 1999, Bioassay Department of National Southern Pesticide Research Center (Zhejiang Branch) passed acceptance inspection of the Ministry of Science and Technology; in the same year, ODS Alternatives Engineering & Technology Center of China passed acceptance inspection and was upgraded as a national level centre. By then, ZRICI has become the first local research institute nationwide to possess two national level centers.

From 1997 to 2000, ZRICI undertook 60 national programs in total and applied national patents for 8 program.