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History 2011



In 2011: Sinochem Lantian strengthened internal development and external cooperation to bolster industrial status


 Enhance R&D and Marketing Status

In 2011, Sinochem conducted 85 research programs, achieved 13 technological findings and 3 technical awards, applied 44 patents and participated in formulating 3 national standards and 6 industrial standards;

Completed the 12th Five-year Development Strategy of National Fluorine Chemical Industry, entrusted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology;

PVF membrane program achieved substantial breakthroughs and PVDF fluororesin program was listed on the National High Technology Research Development Program (863 Program);

New refrigerant HFC-161 received technical assistance from the World Bank;

TFA capacity ranked No.1 in China with more than 60% domestic market share; HFC-134a explored new markets and returned to the US market.


 Strengthen Management Ability

Closed-loop management of strategy, plan, budget and performance has been intensified;

Engineering management system has been improved;

27 fluorine chemical enterprises has launched ERP system;

HR management system of Sinochem Lantian was set up.


 External Cooperation

Sinochem Lantian has signed an agreement to form a 50/50 joint venture to produce HFC-245fa and started basic design.


 Important Industrialization Projects

Sinochem Lantian became the holding company of Fujian Jianyang Kings Mining Co., Ltd. and Fujian Jianyang Kings Fluoride Industry Co., Ltd. By then, Sinochem Lantian has reserved more than 30 million metric tons of fluorspar;

The acquisition of 2.8 million metric tons of fluorspar in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province has entered bidding, auction and listing procedures;

Foundation stone laying ceremony of Yizhang Hongyuan Chemicals Co., Ltd. was held in Chenzhou, Hunan Province;

Hongyuan Chemicals started tendering and bidding of 80,000 t/a aluminum fluoride project and 20,000 t/a HFC-32 project;

Sinochem Taicang completed technological transformation of 30,000 t/a HFC-134a equipment;

Sinochem Taicang completed basic design of 20,000 t/a HFC-125 equipment.