R&D Achievements



In the field of fluorine chemical, Sinochem Lantian mainly specializes in R&D of new technologies and products of ODS substitutes, fluororesin and its coatings, and fluorinated fine chemicals and provides technical support and consultation for the development of China's fluorine chemical industry. It is the earliest enterprise to develop ODS substitutes with the widest product range and most patents and has succeeded in developing more than 40 ODS substitutes and processing techniques with Chinese characteristics. Sinochem Lantian has achieved tens of research findings and obtained more than 10 awards in National Science and Technology Progress Award, Science and Technology Progress Award of Zhejiang Province, etc. In the filed of ODS substitutes, it has applied more than 40 national invention patents and is in possession of several PCT patents; moreover, Sinochem Lantian chaired or participated in formulating 6 national-level industrial standards and drafted 16 industrial standards in fluorohydrocarbon refrigeration, which not only breaks developed countries' monopoly on ODS substitutes in China, but also raises our ODS substitute R&D technology to international standard. Currently, several of its products have been listed on National New Products Program. Due to its significant contribution in ODS substitutes R&D and production, Sinochem Lantian is awarded several honors and titles from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and United Nations Environment Program.

In the field of pesticide, Sinochem Lantian has engaged in pesticide R&D for more than 40 years, and mainly specializes in R&D of new pesticides, pesticide intermediates and fine chemicals. It has achieved tens of awards, among which are several awards at national, ministry and provincial level. Since the Sixth Five-year Plan, Sinochem Lantian undertook more than 10 national key technologies R&D programs in pesticide and intermediates, and most achievements have been put into mass production.

In the field of fine chemical, Sinochem Lantian has developed organosilicon materials, crystallized APP fire retardants, BIT antiseptic germicide, EVA solar cell films, MPP, customized chemical products and other products.


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