Working Environment



Sinochem Lantian advocates the value of pursuing excellence and establishes a legal, standardized and efficient C&B system in accordance with post value, individual ability and performance result. It adopts performance-oriented post wage system to make sure its compensation and benefits are competitive among its counterparts so as to encourage employees to create values and realize self-worth.

In terms of compensation, Sinochem Lantian allocates its resources in favor of employees with high performance and sets up numerous special prizes to encourage them.

In terms of benefits, Sinochem Lantian abides by state laws and regulations and establishes a complete set of welfare system. In addition to social endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance and housing accumulation funds, Sinochem Lantian also provides its employees with additional and diversified benefits programs by market means as well as monetary measures.

Figure 3
C&B structue of Sinochem Lantian