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Social Welfare



While carrying out production and promoting social and economic development, Sinochem Lantian actively participates in social welfare projects and shoulders incumbent responsibilities to help people in need.


In 2008, a devastating earthquake broke out in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province. Upon receiving the news, Sinochem Lantian conducted disaster relief actions while maintaining normal production and operation. Its donations, either in cash or properties, were worth more than RMB 2 million. Zhejiang Int’l Medicine Co., Ltd., a member company of Sinochem Lantian, utilized its advantages in pharmaceutical distribution by sending more than 8,000 pieces of medicine and medical supplies to the disaster-stricken areas within 24 hours.


In addition, Sinochem Lantian and its member companies responded to the call from local authorities by participating in various public welfare activities and donating cash and properties to people in need.


Since 2000, Sinochem Lantian provided financial assistance to Wangcang County of Sichuan Province and Pan’an County of Zhejiang Province to boost development of local economy.


Zhejiang Research Institute of Chemical Industry and Sinochem Taicang Chemical Industrial Park provided financial support to help students from needy families to complete their studies.


Sending technicians to less developed areas is an important measure to help local people achieve moderate prosperity in Zhejiang Province. Since 2005, Zhejiang Research Institute of Chemical Industry dispatched young technicians to provide technical assistance for agricultural programs, which not only created job opportunities but also brought financial benefits to local people.






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