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Concepts & Values



Core Values | Creating Values, Pursuing Excellence

Creating Values:

Creating values for the nation so as to maintain and appreciate state-owned assets;

Creating values for the clients so as to provide premium products and services;

Creating values for the shareholders so as to offer ideal investment returns;

Creating values for the company so as to consolidate the foundation for sustainable development;

Creating values for the employees so as to respect them and help them realize self-worth;

Creating values for the society so as to pursue harmonious development of company, society and environment.

Pursuing Excellence:

Forging an excellent team with morality, enthusiasm and high performance;

Conducting excellent management to deepen management reform and enhance management level;

Providing excellent service to serve clients and society and satisfy their growing demands;

Applying excellent technology to strengthen innovation and enhance company’s core competitiveness;

Creating excellent performance to encourage employees to create and pursue high performance;

Building excellent culture to demonstrate humanistic care.

Codes of Conduct | Honest, Cooperative, Open to Learn; Diligent, Innovative, Pursuing Excellence

Honest: Abiding by laws, regulations and Articles of Association; fostering a good company image; being honest and sincere to clients and colleagues; being loyal to the company and protecting its interests by keeping commercial secrets.

Cooperative: Accomplishing company’s targets and interests through concerted efforts from inside and outside company; implementing no-boundary management and cultivating the ability to find and solve problems; encouraging open communication and being willing to accept different opinions.

Open to Learn: Learning good experience and strength from other people with open-minded attitudes; improving personal capabilities to pursue better performance at work; enlarging global horizons to learn valuable experience and practices from international corporate giants.

Diligent: Fulfilling tasks with professionalism, dedication and efficiency; being down-to-earth and perseverant; having the courage to find problems, propose suggestions and solve problems.

Innovative: Breaking up conventional mode of thinking, introducing new ideas, mechanisms and technologies and being open to reform; seeking and seizing opportunities for development under various circumstances; advancing with the times, making innovations and creating more values for clients and the company.

Pursuing Excellence: Upholding performance-oriented concept; acknowledging company’s strategy and working hard to fulfill challenging goals; being confident to realize self-worth and seeking opportunities for development.

Enterprise Philosophy | Responsibility and Perfection

Sinochem Lantian shoulders responsibility to improve itself and provide premium products and services to the clients; encourage employees to achieve success at work; realize harmonious development of individuals, company and the society through interaction; fulfill its commitment of enterprise mission and pursue perfection both at work and in life.

Development Concept | A strong sense of crisis, responsibility and execution

In order to cope with complicated market environment and enhance adaptability and creativity, Sinochem Lantian keeps a strong sense of crisis, shoulders social responsibility and strengthens execution ability so as to tap into development potential, explore new technology, new product and new service and enhance core competitiveness.

Business Concept | Innovation, Honesty and Brand

Advancing with the times to make innovations is an inexhaustible driven force for the development of an enterprise. Innovation is a strong guarantee for an enterprise to gain new growth points, strengthen overall competitiveness and ensure stable, efficient and sustainable development. In order to forge an everlasting enterprise with environmental protection, core competitiveness and team spirit, Sinochem Lantian persists in idea innovation, management innovation, technical innovation, service innovation and industrial innovation so as to seize development opportunity and meet market challenges.

Honesty is the foundation that builds a nation, an individual as well as an enterprise. Sinochem Lantian inherits Zhejiang entrepreneurs’ traditional virtues of honesty and integrity and adopts them in commercial practice. Sinochem Lantian will forever follow the principle of honesty and integrity so as to win trust from its partners and clients.

Brand is an enterprise’s source for benefits as well as its largest intangible assets. In market economy, brand is a key factor for an enterprise to attract clients and ensure its sustainable development. Sinochem Lantian is dedicated to cultivating its own brand image under the principle of pursuing excellence so as to take the market initiative, attract clients and secure its competitive edge.

Management Concept | Humanistic and Efficient Management

Good management can mobilize employees’ initiative, tap into potential and increase operational efficiency. Sinochem Lantian adopts pragmatic management mode, improves systems and mechanisms, builds efficient communication channels and optimizes resource allocation, so that every employee can receive explicit directions and fulfill their obligations with a view of forging Sinochem Lantian into an everlasting and environmentally friendly enterprise with core competitiveness and team spirit.

Employee Concept | Self-reliance, Self-discipline and Dedication to Work

As a big family, Sinochem Lantian values each employee as its family member; cultivates employees’ comprehensive quality; builds development platforms for career promotion; and integrates employees’ career development with enterprise vision so as to stipulate their motives and dedication to work.

Talent Concept | Morality, Capability and Performance

Sinochem Lantian insists on talent-oriented policy and cultivates versatile talents by establishing fair, equal and open incentive and promotion mechanisms, creating a good learning environment and enhancing employees’ comprehensive quality so as to create a win-win situation for the employees and the company.

Sinochem Lantian takes morality as a fundamental criterion and individual capability as a basic condition for talent selection. It requires employees to cultivate morality, loyalty and professional ethics while improving personal capabilities and creating better performance at work so that they can obtain greater economic returns and better development.

Teamwork Concept | One Heart, One Mind and One Direction

Teamwork concept aims to cultivate employees’ team spirit and guide them to foster a sense of mission, belonging and identity so as to promote enterprise’s cohesiveness. Sinochem Lantian carries out management concept and talent concept so as to create profits, promote development and share success with employees as well as building a good teamwork atmosphere that features one heart, one mind and one direction.

Execution Concept | Matching Words with Deeds

Execution ability is the foundation of an enterprise and plays an irreplaceable role in integrating resources, uniting employees, resolving conflicts and realizing stability. Sinochem Lantian has set up an execution system by implementing operational plans, building communication channels and creating a cooperative atmosphere so as to honor its commitment and deliver its promise. High efficiency and excellent performance have proved success of this system.

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