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Message from Chairman



Mr. Feng Zhibin

Member of the Party Committee and Vice President of Sinochem Group, Chairman and General Manager of Sinochem Lantian

Welcome to the official website of Sinochem Lantian! Your attention and support are highly appreciated!

As a jointly established enterprise by central state-owned enterprise and local SASAC, Sinochem Lantian shoulders the responsibility of creating values for the shareholders, pushing forward development of related industries and promoting social and economic advancement. It enjoys unparalleled advantages in corporate management from Sinochem Group as well as local support from Zhejiang Province so as to accelerate integration, promote development and increase its own overall strength. Sinochem Lantian focuses its attention on cultivating its advantages in fluorine chemical as well as taking overall planning of pharmaceutical distribution, engineering design, pesticides and other business sectors. Now it has evolved into a corporate group with industrial influence.

As an important driven-force in fluorine chemical industry, Sinochem Lantian concentrates on its mission of “providing environmentally-friendly materials and building a better life” by highly valuing production safety and sparing no efforts to promote technological progress. By relying on the complete industrial chain, Sinochem Lantian is committed to providing environmentally-friendly products to its clients and has already become the backbone of China’s ozone layer protection undertakings as well as the strategic platform for China’s combat against global warming. In the field of pharmaceutical distribution, Sinochem Lantian lays great emphasis on public health and sticks to the strategy of internal development and external expansion in order to strengthen its leading position. Meanwhile, Sinochem Lantian actively utilizes its advantages in pharmaceutical distribution by drafting industrial standards, participating in national pharmaceutical stockpile and assisting in social welfare with the purpose of enhancing people’s living standards, promoting social harmony and creating a better life.

In contemporary world, international environment is complicated and volatile while market competition becomes increasingly fierce; each enterprise encounters severer challenges than ever before. It is a question for every entrepreneur to contemplate how to keep up with the trend and seize opportunities to realize self-worth. A Chinese saying goes like this, “As heaven maintains vigor through movements, a gentle man should constantly strive for self-perfection; as earth’s condition is receptive devotion, a gentle man should hold the outer world with broad mind.” For each enterprise, sustained vitality can only be realized by promoting self-worth and achieving sustainable development. Looking into the future, Sinochem Lantian will continue to accelerate integration, persist in innovation and seize opportunities to build itself into an outstanding corporate group with competitiveness, industrial influence and good economic returns. It is willing to share its success with shareholders, clients and the society!

I sincerely hope we can join hands with friends from all walks of life to create a brighter future under the principle of mutual benefit, win-win cooperation and common progress!



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